Are You a Prepper

Are You a Prepper?

*This post was originally written for a forum during the 2020 COVID19 global pandemic, but I deleted it because it wouldn’t be well-received there.*

I honestly don’t get people. 62 pages of talk about how to survive..

When I posted about the problems of aging and death a few months back, the forum was ready to pounce. “Death is natural and necessary!” Now it comes knocking at your door and it’s a different story. “Let’s buy ammo and TP and food! We gotta survive!”

To what end?

I guess death is only a non-issue when it’s in a distant future that nobody has to think about right now. Life only has meaning when it might end tomorrow for real.

Suddenly everyone wants to live a little longer. Suddenly death is not natural or necessary and it’s not the right time for you or your family or friends.

Coronavirus has grabbed the world’s attention and brought everyone eye to eye with death. Forced to face your greatest fear in the here and now, you take action to survive. Yet tomorrow you will claim that you don’t want to live longer or put effort toward defeating aging or death because those are natural and necessary.

Makes no sense.

If you are going to die anyway, then survival efforts make no sense. Quarantine makes no sense. Nothing you do makes any sense, nor does it have any purpose because all roads end in the same place.

Something to think about while you stock up on whatever it is you’re stockpiling to ensure your existence tomorrow while forgetting about your inevitable death in the future which you’ve done nothing to slow down, reverse or stop and which most of you will do nothing to alter even after the immediate threat is gone.

Personally, I think preppers are a joke. Most seem to want some sort of boy scout badge for being the “most prepared.” But you’re a joke because you haven’t shown even the slightest interest in doing anything to save your life beyond tomorrow.

That’s not prepping. It’s delusion and lunacy.

How can anyone call their self a “prepper” who hasn’t taken “extreme” measures to ensure their continued existence? How can you call yourself a prepper if you don’t have a plan for when death comes early?

I’m not talking about COVID19.

I’m talking about death. The same death that you’re faced with right now that you aim to avoid by “prepping” is the same death you will face at 80 and the same death that will end your life forever if you don’t take the appropriate measures to give yourself a chance to continue to exist.

If you aren’t a cryonicist, then you aren’t a prepper. And if you aren’t willing to fight death to the death whether it’s today, tomorrow or 100 years from now, then what the hell is the point?

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